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Proofreading, Editing and Copywriting

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E:  M: 086 811 6814

Copywriting usually takes one of two forms. The first is rewriting, using and improving on existing material, often for a medium such as a website, brochure, etc. The existing material will provide most of the information and an idea of the values you would like to convey. From there I can go through the work piece by piece, changing and polishing the text until we’re both happy that you have a message which is clear, concise, and most importantly effective.


The second form is the task of coming up with new creative content that conveys just the right message for your product or service. This type of work is both enjoyable and challenging and requires a very clear brief in terms of what you are hoping to achieve from the piece: your target audience, the tone of voice and so on; I am happy to go through this brief in detail with you to ensure that the result is as engaging and informative as possible.


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