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Proofreading, Editing and Copywriting

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E:  M: 086 811 6814


The editing process is more involved than proofreading and the focus here is on whether you are conveying your ideas in the best possible way. In other words, are you saying in thirty words what could be said in ten, or have you taken an idea and run so far with it that your reader can’t remember how it started. In short, I’ll help you to produce work that is clear, concise and a pleasure to read.


Before I begin we can have a discussion about how involved you would like me to be. Some are happy for me to change the writing as I see fit, others prefer to make their own judgement on my suggestions; most fall somewhere between the two. I will proofread as I go, correcting spelling, punctuation and any obvious grammatical errors. I give feedback throughout with general or specific observations on your writing, inserting comments in the document for you to review.  My input here will depend on the nature of your work; books and academic writing are both frequent requests, and can have quite different editing requirements.  


Regardless of the type of work I always strive to be as sympathetic as possible in my approach. You have, after all, gone to the trouble of writing it.