Capital Letters

Proofreading, Editing and Copywriting

E:  M: 086 811 6814

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E:  M: 086 811 6814

At its most basic level proofreading involves checking spelling, grammar, punctuation and sentence structure. I also look out for any inconsistencies or repetition and in general will ensure your writing flows well and is clear and concise. If you are writing to set guidelines I will make sure that recommendations in terms of writing style, formatting etc. are followed.


The Process

You can email your work to me at I will do a quick review to see what's involved and get back to you with a rate and a turnaround time. If you're happy with both then I'll get to work.


I use the tracked changes feature in Microsoft Word so you can see exactly what I have done. Once you have had a chance to review my changes and make any amendments just send me back the document and I'll go over any new content.


I have worked on a wide range of material over the years so there’s very little I haven’t seen before. Some of the more frequent requests are books (fiction and non-fiction), and academic writing, from short dissertations to PhDs and academic publications.