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Proofreading, Editing and Copywriting

E:  M: 086 811 6814

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E:  M: 086 811 6814

I  have found that the fairest way to charge for my work is to give a total figure up front as ‘estimate’ seems to be a word nobody likes. For proofreading and editing I work on a cost per thousand words basis; this will vary slightly depending on the amount of work involved. The rate includes reviewing your changes, if any, after I have sent you back the first draft. Generally there won't be any additional costs unless you decide to do a significant rewrite at this stage.


For copywriting, again I will give you a cost up front; this will depend on factors such as the length and nature of the piece and how much raw material I have to work with. As a rule this cost won't change but in situations where there is, for example, a marked change to the brief mid-process, some additional costs may be applied. I will always advise of this before carrying out the work.


I understand that deadlines can creep up on you and I try to be as fair and accommodating as possible. That said, very short turnaround times may incur additional charges so try to get in touch before it's a matter of urgency.